What Can You Do With An Associate Paralegal Degree?

An associate paralegal degree can open many doors for you in the legal field. With an associate paralegal degree you will have many job opportunities and the basis for an advanced degree if you choose that path. Paralegals who have an associate paralegal degree can expect to earn more money per year than paralegals that only have certificates. An associate paralegal degree normally takes two years to complete if you attend school full time. Many paralegals that have associate degrees go on to become certified by the major certification associations.

Q: Can you earn an associate paralegal degree online?
A: Yes you can. Online education is an excellent way to earn an associate paralegal degree. Online classes are convenient and you can tailor them your schedule. They are perfect for working adults and anyone who can not fit a traditional on campus program into their schedule. Online programs have resources available to students that include the Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis law research databases.

Q: What are the benefits of an associate paralegal degree?
A: An associate paralegal degree not only increases your earning potential but also increases your employment options. Employers who are looking for paralegals will see that you have made a commitment to your education and the paralegal profession and choose you over less qualified applicants. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that jobs for paralegals will continue to increase in the future and with an associate paralegal degree you can be on top of this increase.

Q: How much can you earn with an associate paralegal degree?
A: According to the BLS in May of 2008 the average salary for a full time paralegal was between $36,080 and $59,310. What you will actually make will depend upon the sector of the job market you work in and the area in which you live. As your education level increases your salary will also increase.

Q: Where can you work with an associate paralegal degree?
A: This level of degree can qualify you to work in several areas. You can work for the government, law firms, corporations, private and public companies, health care, hospitality and finance. Paralegals are in demand in almost all work areas today. A paralegal can offer a company or corporation basic legal services at a much lower cost than an attorney. In some states paralegals can open their own firms and offer their services to the public. With an associate paralegal degree your job opportunities will be great in all fields of work.

Q: Will an associate paralegal degree qualify you to become certified?
A: Yes an associate degree will give you the necessary clock hours to qualify to take the exams to become certified by many of the major associations. The National Association of Legal Assistants and the National Association for Paralegal Professionals offer certification for paralegal professionals that will add to your credentials and earning power.

Earning an associate paralegal degree can put you above the competition in an exciting and growing field. Jobs for paralegals will experience one of the fastest growth rates of any job sector according to the BLS in the next decade. An associate paralegal degree will not only make you an attractive candidate to employers, but will also increase your income potential.

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An associate paralegal degree can open many doors for you in the legal field.

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